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The number of Hispanics carrying COVID-19 in Maryland is growing. In the last ten days, 3,204 Hispanic people tested positive for coronavirus, ranking as the group with the highest number of cases registered.

According to statistics published by the State of Maryland, 2,316 African-American people with coronavirus were registered from May 16 to 26 – 886 fewer cases than the Hispanic community in the same period – and 1,619 white people also tested positive for COVID-19- 1,585 cases less than Hispanics, almost half.

During the same period, 49 Hispanic people died due to coronavirus were recorded, however, the largest number of deaths from the pandemic were from white and African American people, 162 and 161, respectively.

In total, since the pandemic began, 48,423 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed throughout the state of Maryland, with the white (944 deaths) and African-American (941) communities being the most affected so far, however, due to the number of people infected with coronavirus, the African-American community tops the list with 14,217 cases and the Hispanic community with 11,956 cases, followed by the white community, with 9,575 cases.

Prince George’s County tops the list with 14,100 cases and 496 deaths, followed by Montgomery County with 10,467 positive cases and 535 deaths, while the county and the City of Baltimore have recorded 5,562 and 5,054 positive cases respectively, and in the number of deaths 304 and 228 respectively.

The United States is the epicenter of the disease in the world and exceeds 1.6 million infections and 97,971 deaths. The crisis has pushed nearly 39 million people into unemployment in this country.

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